The search for Revan

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Start of the campaign:

Starting gear of the group:
The standard starting gear according to the rule book for a level 1 player is given.

Katuunko asks each group member to come to the underlevels on Coruscant to a shady looking bar.
Once there he explains, his reasons for contacting you and offers you a great reward for completing the task.

He arranges for Plo Shook to fake a Pilot licence and ship ownership for Quin Bonga

To help you with the journey he lets arranges for the group to steal the Dagobah Dragon

After the group gained entry to 500 Republica
they fought of a group of Sith Soldiers. It was a fierce fight and Quin Bonga
and !Dion? barely made it. After the group borrowed the Dagobah Dragon
it was well stocked by Katuunko.

The following gear is given to the group or was allready on the Dagobah Dragon

PL-90 Luxury Speeder (page 94 KOTOR Campaign Book)
In the cargo hold, you will find the following:
Enough short-range comlinks for the whole group,
1 long range wrist size comlink,
1 medical kit,
3 medpac’s
The ship contains 1 build in power recharger (more can build in)
Rations packs for the group to survive for at least 2 months
Flights suits for the whole group.
5 glow rods
1 space suit
The ship itself contains a long range comlinks with holographic capability
Enough datapads for the whole group with mission details and ship schematics.
1 Electrobinocular


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